Voices of My Ancestors (2022)

Tagline: A journey through West Africa.

GodHead (2022)

Tagline: Dreamers in a lonely circus. 

As I Dream (2021)

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 Tagline: Don’t leave me here alone.   

The Light Burns Blue (2022)

                                        Tagline: Freedom of press.

Silence in the Fire (2023)
Tagline: The earth is dying.
Synopsis: A young indigenous woman from the Amazon searches for her family who was kidnapped by a government corporation that stole her tribes land.
Status- Script/Development

Lower Road (2024)
Tagline: The Great Depression.
Synopsis: A working class family tries to survive in London during the depression.
Status- Script/Development

Heart of My Mother (2025)
Tagline: Without hope there is no life.
Synopsis: A family is forced to leave their home during a war and travel to Europe where they are separated crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
Status: Script/Development

Pantheons of the Tribe (2026)
Tagline: Music is the universal language.
Synopsis: A DJ leads a movement against the far-right political machine.
Status- Script/Development